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"Each compelling vignette prompts the reader to hurriedly flip to the next one."

     Publishers Weekly
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"This book proves that for all the darkness of humanity that does occur, the wheel of fortune will always turn. And though one might be born a slave, degraded in countless ways, there might just be another destiny that is meant to be."

     Le Journal de la Photographie
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"Coddington’s 'African American Faces of the Civil War' provides a unique visual record, quite literally documenting the faces of war at a transitional moment in U.S. history. Lincoln’s black warriors helped to overthrow slavery and to restore the Union. Their descendants spent the next century fighting new battles for true equality."

     Charlotte Observer
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"This is a beautifully designed book printed on superb glossy paper with crisp photographs and concise stories of each man pictured. The prose is restrained and dignified. The clarity of the images transcends the "old-timey" effect of so much ACW photography. This is not an album but a casebook and the overall feeling is one of presence."

     Dimitri Rotov, Civil War Bookshelf
"Coddington’s thoughtfully crafted and cogently written study, replete with an insightful foreword by J. Matthew Gallman on the African-American experience, will appeal to readers interested in the efforts of African Americans and the war’s larger military, social and global consequences."

     Civil War News
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"Thanks to Coddington, the photographs and stories of these African American soldiers are brought to life in a fascinating account of courage, bravery, and preservation."

     Choice (American Library Association)
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"African American Faces of the Civil War is a fascinating work that captures the soldiers at a moment when they proudly served a country that was only just then beginning to reassess their citizenship rights. Because they risked everything to fight for emancipation and the Union, the Civil War's African-American soldiers deserve to never be forgotten. Coddington's work will help to ensure that that no one will ever need to be reminded that 'there were men of color who . . . fought.'"

     The Civil War Monitor
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"Anyone interested in the African American experience during the Civil War, will benefit by adding this fine book to their libraries—certainly this reviewer did."

     Military Images Magazine
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"The sesquicentennial observance of the Civil War era will be marked by numerous publications of works. Few books will be as fascinating and informative as African American Faces of the Civil War: An Album."

     Civil War Book Review
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"Coddington went to great lengths to tell these men's stories. He utilized their service and pension records, but also researched state and local history repositories to provide the accurate backgrounds, war records, and post war years that the men lived and experienced. And, while many of the men struggled through similar trials and tribulations due to their backgrounds, all also had unique facets to their lives."

     Random Thoughts on History
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From the Book Jacket
Praise for Ronald S. Coddington's Faces of the Civil War

"An engaging and human portrait of the Civil War."

     Weekly Standard

"A fascinating window into the war's impact on the individual soldier ... well researched and engagingly written. Any teacher of the Civil War would do well to consult this volume and incorporate some of the captivating tales into lectures and readings."

      Journal of Military History


"There are many books of Civil War letters, and photographs are common. But this book is a first: a collection of identified portraits accompanied by brief narratives of the subjects' lives."

     History: Reviews of New Books


"Faces of the Civil War not only exhibits Coddington's appreciation and understanding of Civil War history but also his passion for early photography."

     Knight Ridder Newspapers


"The books helps to humanize the men who volunteered for 'Father Abraham's' army and illustrates that some of war's experiences have changed little over the last century and a half."

     Civil War Times Illustrated


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