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African American Faces of the Civil War: An Album

By J. Foreman, Tarrant County College
Choice Reviews Online (American Library Association)
February 2013

Coddington (assistant managing editor, The Chronicle of Higher Education) adds to the public's fascination with the US Civil War with this well-researched book. The title is somewhat misleading, because the book is more than an album of pictures. It is also a biographical account of the many forgotten African Americans who served in the war. Thanks to Coddington, the photographs and stories of these African American soldiers are brought to life in a fascinating account of courage, bravery, and preservation. The notes and references show that the author searched through many African American newspapers, state records, military archives and pension records, census records, and other government resources to unveil their stories. The book represents a diverse group of African Americans, some free and others fighting for their freedom, the literate and illiterate, enlisted men and officers. Coddington highlights the bravery of African American soldiers at a time when many considered them to be cowards, and shows the Civil War from the perspective of African Americans fighting for freedom, dignity, respect, and equality.
Summing Up: Highly recommended. All levels/libraries.

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