Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dr. Isaac Newton Snively: A Half-Century in Portraits

Rare is the extant collection of portraits of a Civil War veteran photographed over the course of his lifetime. This group of seven cartes de visite and cabinet cards of Dr. Isaac Newton Snively spans almost a half-century, from about age twenty-one in 1860 to about age sixty-six in 1905. Snively, born and raised in Franklin County, Pa., served as an assistant surgeon in the Twentieth Pennsylvania Emergency Militia Infantry, a regiment hastily organized in the summer of 1863 as Confederate forces invaded the North. The following year, he lost all his material goods, and his wife barely escaped with her life, after Confederate cavalry burned their Chambersburg home — and the rest of the town — in a raid. After the war, Snively made Waynesboro his home and raised a family. He died in 1913.


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